Finals Week As Told By Parks & Rec

We have made it.

Well, almost. We have almost made it across that finish line, signaling that after 4 months of exams, essays, awkward social interactions, amazing social interactions, fest weekends, adventures, etc, we, students of OU, have almost finished our spring semester of 2016, signaling the completion of an entire year of our time at OU.


That in itself is insane, but there is one more challenge that we need to overcome in order to let out a sigh of relief: finals.

In order to get you all prepared for the mental and physical exhaustions of finals week, I have prepared for you a bit of humor that will hopefully allow you to let out a laugh before the hell fires consume you.

I don’t know about you, but nothing else gets me laughing until my stomach hurts, or the tears flowing, more than Parks and Recreation. While Leslie Knope is my spirit animal, Chris Pratt is still my number one celebrity crush, and Donna reminds me that it’s okay to treat myself (this week it will be in the form of a large white chocolate iced mocha).

So, for your viewing pleasure, finals week as told by Parks and Recreation…

When today is the Thursday before finals, and you just realized you have no idea when any of your finals are:



Then when you realize that you haven’t even begun to prepare for your 4 exams and 10-page essay:



Oh, and you also have that one group project due on Monday evening, but you’ve been picking up your group members’ slack this entire semester:



But you’re really thinking about the consequences of their actions if they don’t step up:



Then Sunday comes around and you stare at your books and laptop like:



Then while finally studying with friends, they start questioning if the professor is actually going to make the exam cumulative:



After the first day of exams:



By day three:



Actual footage of you IRL during your hardest exam:



When you come across your first friend having a mental breakdown:



And then when you have your first mental breakdown of the week:



YOU’VE FINISHED, so you walk out of your final exam like:



A S/O to all the people who got you through the past few weeks (& basically the entire semester):



And finally, it’s time to celebrate:


So good luck, fellow Bobcats, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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