Sick Day? No Way

In high school, I thought the worst possible thing was missing school because I was sick. Even if I knew I would be leaving school early, I still went to school, only to leave three periods later. This actually happened a lot; because the fear of detention wasn’t exactly high considering I had 15 unexcused absences to blow.

None the less, I would then become anxious over all of the work that I would have to make up, and how I would explain to my teacher how sorry I was and that I would return my makeup work to them as soon as possible.

*makeup works whispers faintly in the distance as I remember the two projects and paper I have due this week as I lie in bed wishing for these hot flashes to disperse*

Boy, were those the good ole days.

College has taught me a lot. That 3-unexcused-absences that I have for each class has really taught me a lot.

Like, when you’re about to throw up at 2 AM but yet it’s “not bad enough to miss your 9 AM German lecture because you may or may not be having a quiz, and you need all the points you can get so that you don’t fail the class, and then inevitably fail college because your life has already fallen apart for the tenth time today.

Or when you have a paper due at midnight, but you received zero sleep the night before because you were coughing the entire time, but you still force yourself to stay up to type and edit it, because this paper is one of only three grades you will receive for the entire semester.

I think I’ve gotten sick more often not from all of the germs that college students concentrate, but from sleep deprivation and stress (although I’m sure the fact that at least one person you know at any given time is sick doesn’t really help the cause, but hey, you can’t help that.)

Basically, this is how being sick in college goes:

You start to see your friends going down one by one


One friends gets a cold, another the flu, and another even gets bronchitis


Suddenly, one afternoon you start to get an itchy throat, or a runny nose. You try and blame it on allergies (despite it being the middle of winter), but deep down you know what’s happening.


*that same day*

intuitive friend: are you okay? are you getting sick?



But what you’re really thinking is:


So you go to bed a little bit earlier than normal that night (aka at like midnight), thinking that everything is going to be totally fine.

And then at the peak hours of the AM, you wake up feeling like you’re trapped in the depths of hell


& just like that, things have taken a turn


The next day is probably shit


Honestly, the next few days are probably going to feel like your impending doom


But eventually you’ll start to feel better, and when that day comes, it will be like a new awakening


I no longer take my sick days for granted. In fact, I cherish them. I wait for the day taking a few steps causes my body to collapse, or for my stomach to fail me, and then I put them to good use.



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