Going Out as Told by The Office

The Office (the US adaptation, just in case a clarification was necessary), is truly an icon within the sphere of American entertainment. Through the course of nine seasons, Michael Scott has made us laugh until we cry, Jim and Pam have taken us on an emotional rollercoaster, and Dwight Schrute has become an icon of his own, with his signature Schrute cut, glasses, lifestyle, and wild love affair with Angela.

For any lover of The Office, I’m sure we can all mutually agree that when Michael decided to leave Scranton to stay by Holly’s side, that was the end of the many years of fulfillment. Technically, though, we received two more seasons (to extend out the fact that we had already accepted the end, if we’re being honest); and although The Office has found it’s end, we are still left behind with it’s legacy. And not only a legacy, but the opportunity to watch and re-watch each and every season until we have episode by episode inked into our minds through some of the best quotes in TV history. These quotes follow us in everyday life, especially well known ones such as TWSS (That’s What She Said) and “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica”.

I am here to bring to you a montage of The Office memes in order to describe those nights that end up giving us some of the best quotes that leave us laughing years from now: what it is like going out. Because there is nothing more entertaining than sending your friends Office memes to describe your night instead of taking the time to explain why you puked in the bathroom of CI or why you spilled cheese fries all down your jacket.

When your friends drag you away from Netflix for a “Night of Fun”:



And then when it takes you an hour to get a drink because the bar is so crowded:



When you see someone else going for the booth you want: 



When the DJ plays your favorite song:


When you start to break it down on the dance floor knowing your crush is watching:


When you get a number and a text immediately after:


When your friend is freaking out about their ex being at the same bar:



And then when you see your ex at the bar:



When your friend starts talking to that person you know is bad news:



When your friends try and pull you into their drama and you’re just like:



Signaling to your friend that it’s time to go home because it’s almost 3 AM:



When you stop to get food for your friends because they’re now too broke for Big Mamas:



Rolling back home like:



Listening to your friends the next morning retelling what happened last night:



And when you realize that you actually did do that:



And then when you finally go back through the messages on your phone:



And finally, when you check your bank account the next morning:



Lol does this even need an explanation:



I could honestly go on and on but 




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