Summer Hair Trends

It has begun friends! You can feel it in the air! The heat is starting to rise, the snow melting, the days getting longer, summer is approaching! With spring roaring in, us ladies are looking for the next new trendy thing to do to our hair. Whether it be a new color or cut, change is upon us! So I, intrigued on what new change I may be considering myself, looked into some colors and cuts that will be popular and “trendy” in the months to come. I was, and am, surprised and pleased to find some old favorites, some fabulous throwbacks, and fun styles to try out during these warmer months. Looks like this season will be a fun one!

sombre 31. Sombre

I’m just going to go ahead and throw at you the biggest trend approaching – sombre. Sombre is a small change that makes a big difference! Like the ombre, sombre changes the color of your hair from the roots to tips – going from dark to light. The different from ombre is that a sombre is very subtle. It isn’t as strSombre 1ong and bold as our friend the ombre, pulling in a more natural, glistening effect; and while ombre tends to look better on brunettes, sombre tends to work better on blonde hair. Don’t fraught, though! Stylists say that whether you’re a blonde or brunette, you can still work it! If you do consider the sombre though, make sure you find someone who has practice and experience with this look. It isn’t very popular yet, so creating the look hasn’t been fortified throughout salons.



ombre 1 2. Ombreombre 2

Our dear, dear friend the ombre isn’t going anywhere, pals. So if this is a trend that you haven’t gotten around to trying out yet, then you still have time! In my opinion, I think everyone looks good with an ombre. You just have to find the right color palette that works for you! Always trendy and still new, you cannot go wrong with such a bold, strong look to outline whatever face shape you have. Long or short hair, it doesn’t matter, you can pull it off either way!

honey brunette


3. Honey Blonde and Brunette

You can’t go wrong with a natural , and adding the honey just makes it that much sweeter. Adding honey blonde highlights to any shade of hair makes for a beautiful summer pick me up. Want to bring back to life your dulled out tresses from the winter? Then hit your stylist up for this look. Simple, easy, and refreshing, this is a perfect look for someone who isn’t looking for a drastic change!



4. Red Tintsred

If you’re looking for an edgier twist this season, then red may be your player. Next time you go to get a touch up, ask your stylist to throw in some red – strawberry for blondes. This is another look that can add some sunshine vibes to your tone!



bangs25. “Fringe” Bangs

HOLY THROWBACK. Bangs you say? Yeah baby, these cuties are coming back into the spotlight! Their sleek look brings an old classic anew, which seems to be a common trend these days. I don’t recommend bangs to everyone, but they are definitely a learning experience. I even tried bangs out once…unfortunately my hair is way too thin to pull off the strength that fringe demands, but you live and learn! If you’re looking for something edgy and new to try out, then a fringe cut is your lady!

6. Braids

Looking past the obvious changes people tend to make to their hair this season, a new, trendy style once again emerging is that of the braid! The braid has never really left the trendy-zone, it’s just been improved over time. So when the heat starts blaring during those hot July and August days, go on Pinterest and look for some cute, braided looks to try out! There are so many looks that no matter your hair texture, thickness, or length, you’ll be sure to find a braid that works for you!braid 1braid3braid2


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