Why I Stayed Home For Spring Break

This past week was glorious. I slept in, ate terribly unhealthy foods with no regret, went on (multiple) shopping sprees, spent time with family, started a blog (lol sup), and chilled with friends all in the comfort of my own home. No, as much as going to the beach seemed fabulous, I did not go. Why? Well, I will be glad to explain to you my reasoning.

Months ago, back into fall semester, my best friend Maddie and I were actually planning a spring break trip. Cancun to be exact. The sun, the adventure, and the drinks seemed too pleasant to pass up – but then we saw the price. We actually cringed. We, at the time, were both jobless, basically broke, college kids. There was no way to afford a spring break trip so elaborate. Although the dream seemed perfect, the reality was not. So we took a step back and thought it through. Why not, instead of hustling to make this money over winter break, wait and save for the summer? DING. It was almost as if a light bulb had ignited over our heads and the heavens parted. Why go through this intensive process and come out broke, when summer would only be two months away? And not only that, but we would be able to do something with all of our friends as well, considering our spring break didn’t match up with the vast majority of other colleges (not a complaint, just an observation). So we decided not to go, and to save the money instead.

What if we had the money though? Would we had gone? Honestly, that’s 50/50. If one has the money to take a spring break trip, then hell yeah that’s great go for it – but what are you giving up in return?

For me, it was mainly time at home. Time to relax, lay around and not have a worry. Sure, laying around and not worrying on the beach is fantastic and enviable, but there’s nothing you can trade for precious time at home with your friends and family.

Each night I was able to get 10-12 hours of sleep. Yeah yeah, that’s probably unhealthy, but so is getting the bare minimum if not less during normal school weeks; and if I had gone to the beach I probably would have spent my nights out and about, not passed out in my own bed surrounded my own pets and pillows.

Each morning I rose, showered, ate breakfast, and then lounged around with my dogs. If you are anything like me, then your dogs are your babies; and being away from them for days on end is practically traumatizing. So it was nice to be able to chill with my four legged family for awhile, watch some cops and eat some Honey Buns. No shame.

I was able to make some extra cash. My father owns his own business, and sometimes he has some extra work for me to do. Recently, I have been updating, refreshing, and working on his social networking outlets – so over break I continued with this task. In return, I was bought a few new pieces of clothing to add to my closet. Totally worth it.

Speaking of shopping, you could say my mom and I tore the mall up not just once, but two fun filled days. We shopped till we dropped, and it was great. Essentially, the money my parents would have given me to spend at the beach, I spent on a new spring-collection-closet. For people who aren’t fans of shopping, I understand how this may not be a problem; but trust me, for those who are, this is an opportunity you don’t just pass up. Especially when you’re broke and don’t have your own flow of cash to save and spend. If my mom ever asks me if I want to go shopping, the answer is always yes. Broke girl needs to keep the wardrobe fresh after all.

I spent priceless time with my friends from home. Even though most of my friends were at school during the weekdays (since most colleges in Ohio didn’t have break for another week or so), I was still able to meet with with most and catch up. Friday, a group of the ladies and I even stayed in a cabin together. We ate and ate and ate and talked and talked and talked and it was perfect. No worries in the world, just an intense game of Cards Against Humanity. Priceless. That isn’t something I would have been able to do away, again, for another week. Being away for school, I try not to take my time home with friends for granted. There is only so much we all have between our busy schedules, after all. Time is really of the essence.


I spent time with family. Yeah, I’ve spent nearly 20 years of my time with my family; but sometimes it’s nice to be able to sit in a room with people, watch a movie, and not say a word. Just relax and enjoy each-other’s company. That’s family, and thankfully I was able to do a lot of that. School is stressful. College is on a whole nother level than high school. Every little thing counts, whether it be for a class or for an extracurricular, every project, every quiz, every exam counts for something so much greater – my career. So to be able to take a week and take time to myself, that is something I couldn’t trade for the world. So yes, selfishly there were many moments during my spring break that I lounged around, wrote, or watched TV with family; but that’s what a break is to me – taking time to focus on yourself.

So overall, I had a wonderful, wonderful spring break. One that I couldn’t have had venturing around Florida or Mexico. Although Ohio is cold and dreary this time of the year, I still loved being able to sit around in sweatpants all day and watch reruns of Sex and the City while stuffing my face with sugary goods. Maybe a spring break trip with my ladies will be something considered again in the future, maybe even next year; but this year I was glad to have stayed home, and spend time with the important people in my life – including myself. That’s a break to me. That’s priceless.



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