Fashion Icon: Taylor Swift

Hello beautiful people!

Recently I have fallen in love with the fashion of the beautiful, angelic Taylor Swift. Her classy, modern, forward style falls in line with everything the fashion-of-today highlights. From knee high socks to knee high boots, from two piece dresses to elegant ball gowns, from that hawt right-off-the-runaway look to the girl-next-door fit, Miss Swift can rock it all [especially her signature red lips]. According to the The New York Times, Michael Kors even noted her as one of his pre-fall collection muses. A big honor, considering Kors has become one of the biggest names in the industry.

After evolving from teenage-country-sweetheart to America’s pop-hip-girlfriend, Swift has proven herself to be a force in today’s fashion. Her look is clean, stylish, and drooled over by not only her many fans, but by some of fashion’s best and biggest names as well. From Gilles Mendel to Oscar de la Renta, everyone wants to dress Taylor with their name. Swift has turned into a label magnet, her style turning her into a sort of walking advertisement. There is even a website to find out what Swift wears, and where one can buy the look to a tee. The website is called, and features an endless amount of Swift’s fits.

Can we also talk about Taylor’s hair for a moment? Like, girl. When Swift first entranced me with her country, teen vocals back in junior high, I was obsessing over her long curls; but now her sophisticated, sleek cut makes me wish I had the facial structure to pull off such a modern look. Although her curly tresses are still of much envy, I bow down to Swift for a move so bold and so RIGHT. This cut fits her perfectly, reminding us all that change can be a good thing!

Below I have posted 13 of my favorite Swift looks. No worries, I will be dwelling in envy with you.


taylorswift20 taylorswift21 taylorswift22 taylorswift23 taylorswift16 taylorswift17 taylorswift18 taylorswift7 taylorswift8 taylorswift9 taylorswift10 taylorswift3



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