Why You Should Always Cherish Your High School Best Friends.

One of my favorite parts about college: the people. One year in and I have already forged so many lifelong friendships with some really wonderful people. People who I feel as if I have known for years. People who I will be in wedding parties for, and they will be in mine. They are my people; but with these new friendships came a struggle for me: how do I continue to keep up with friends from back home? How do I balance both? College, after all, is literally a balancing act. I barely have time to have a five-minute conversation with my parents most days let alone call and catch up with a friend from back home. Hell, I barely have time to sit down and relax – and if I do my brain is filled with things I need to do. Five days a week I am constantly moving, and then comes the weekend. Friday and Saturday are the two days a week I am allowed to blow off all my stress from the other five, and prepare myself for the next five. And what’s the best way to blow off stress? To go out with your ladies. That’s the mindset I have to get through the week, and I know majority of individuals can relate. Selfish? Arguable. Necessary? Most definitely. That’s how friendships in college form and last. We have common grounds of stress. We can relate and cope together. That’s not something I can do with my best friends who are miles and miles away. So how do I balance? That was my struggle freshman year part one.

Now I am in freshman year part two, my spring semester. Fall semester was simply a testing ground. Everyone adjusts differently, I just adjusted really well at college, not necessarily with keeping my old life in touch with my new one. I took a “fresh start” possibly too seriously. I was forgetting my roots; and honestly, it’s easy to do so. You acclimate to a new life, a new environment. It’s easy to forget what was when your present is so…present. I don’t blame myself for moving on, but I have learned. I have adjusted fully. I am now aware; because it hit me. Forgetting my roots is one of the worst possible things I could do to myself. My roots are my reality check. My friends from home, they’re my reality check; and everyone needs a reality check.

ALWAYS cherish your high-school-best-friends. That’s what I’m getting at. These are the people who know you inside, and out. These are the people who have put up with your bullshit, and who have celebrated your brightest moments. These are the people who were up with you at 3 a.m. during your first heartbreak, and the same people who were up with you at 3 a.m. discussing your new heart-throb. Your high school friends are the people who have seen you at your worst and still love you [And by worst I mean those awkward middle school years when you had braces and a middle part and wore too much makeup and thought arm-socks were cute. Yeah]. These are the people who you could fight with over the stupidest things, but make up with-in a matter of days and laugh about it. These are the people who you miss at one in the morning when you suddenly feel like shit because you think your life is falling apart. These are the people who creeped on the hottest guy at school with you, and who you went on bike rides with because you thought bike gangs were the cool AF. These are the kids whose parents can call you one of their own because you slept over at their home so often, because they fed you and sometimes even scolded you. These are the people who will tell you when you’re dating the wrong guy, and whose hearts will light up with joy when you meet the right one. And even when you are dating the wrong guy, they will be there for you every time you cry over him, because that’s what sisters do. These are the people who you feel so close to, that you could call them your sisters. They are your family.

So cherish your high school friends. College is hard, but thankfully my friends from back home understand that too. After all, we are all experiencing these things together. New friends, a new home, new changes, we all get it; but these are the people who even after weeks of not texting, no phone calls…these are the people you can pick up with right where you left off. Nothing has changed. First semester I felt as if I had lost something, but I really hadn’t. My friends were there all along, and I was there all along in their lives as well. Time is just an ever-moving thing. We cannot fit a hundred conversations in one day. Getting together after a long time apart is beyond fun anyways – it gives time for better stories, better laughs and better tears. This is just a new experience to share, to be a part of together. Just always remember where you came from, and who you have become on the way – and who was there to experience the ride with you.


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