Finals Week As Told By Parks & Rec

We have made it.

Well, almost. We have almost made it across that finish line, signaling that after 4 months of exams, essays, awkward social interactions, amazing social interactions, fest weekends, adventures, etc, we, students of OU, have almost finished our spring semester of 2016, signaling the completion of an entire year of our time at OU.


That in itself is insane, but there is one more challenge that we need to overcome in order to let out a sigh of relief: finals.

In order to get you all prepared for the mental and physical exhaustions of finals week, I have prepared for you a bit of humor that will hopefully allow you to let out a laugh before the hell fires consume you.

I don’t know about you, but nothing else gets me laughing until my stomach hurts, or the tears flowing, more than Parks and Recreation. While Leslie Knope is my spirit animal, Chris Pratt is still my number one celebrity crush, and Donna reminds me that it’s okay to treat myself (this week it will be in the form of a large white chocolate iced mocha).

So, for your viewing pleasure, finals week as told by Parks and Recreation…

When today is the Thursday before finals, and you just realized you have no idea when any of your finals are:



Then when you realize that you haven’t even begun to prepare for your 4 exams and 10-page essay:



Oh, and you also have that one group project due on Monday evening, but you’ve been picking up your group members’ slack this entire semester:



But you’re really thinking about the consequences of their actions if they don’t step up:



Then Sunday comes around and you stare at your books and laptop like:



Then while finally studying with friends, they start questioning if the professor is actually going to make the exam cumulative:



After the first day of exams:



By day three:



Actual footage of you IRL during your hardest exam:



When you come across your first friend having a mental breakdown:



And then when you have your first mental breakdown of the week:



YOU’VE FINISHED, so you walk out of your final exam like:



A S/O to all the people who got you through the past few weeks (& basically the entire semester):



And finally, it’s time to celebrate:


So good luck, fellow Bobcats, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Middle School Songs We Still Jam To

Let’s go back to the days when wearing a long sleeve shirt under a T-shirt, or wearing a hundred of those animal rubber bands around your wrist, was cool. Back to when we were starting to grow out of our middle parts, to when your friends and you would fight over who liked who and who was off limits to everyone else. Back in the days to our first “teen dances” (even though growing out of being a preteen to a teen caused these dances to be awkward concoctions of testosterone and gossiping groups of girls). Despite all of the hundreds of trends and angst we ache to forget about from those years, there is one thing we still cannot lose: the music.

I have compiled for you a playlist of jams that will sweep you back to the “good ole days” of riding your bike to the pool, ding-dong ditching with your pals, and passing awkward notes in class. This is a playlist of our awkward middle school/junior high years. I’m sure you’ll thank me later.

  1. Yeah | Usher
  2. Smack That | Akon
  3. Let it Rock | Kevin Rudolf
  4. Soulja Boy Tell’em | Soulja Boy
  5. The entire High School Musical soundtrack
  6. My Humps | Black Eyed Peas
  7. Boom Boom Pow | Black Eyed Peas
  8. Just A Dream | Nelly
  9. Me and You | Cassie
  10. Pocketful of Sunshine | Natasha Bedingfield
  11. Damaged | Danity Kane
  12. Showstopper | Danity Kane
  13. All Kelly Clarkson everything
  14. Love Bug | Jonas Brothers
  15. Burnin Up | Jonas Brothers
  16. Party in the USA | Miley Cyrus
  17. Temperature | Sean Paul
  18. Beautiful Girls | Sean Kingston
  19. Potential Breakup Song | Aly & AJ
  20. Everytime We Touch| Cascada
  21. Girlfriend | Avril Lavigne
  22. Good Girls Go Bad | Cobra Starship
  23. Misery Business | Paramore
  24. Thx fr th Mmrs | Fall Out Boy
  25. Sugar, We’re Goin Down | Fall Out Boy
  26. I Write Sins Not Tragedies | Panic! At The Disco
  27. Cyclone | Baby Bash
  28. Fergalicious | Fergie
  29. …Baby One More Time | Britney Spears
  30. I’m A Slave 4 U | Britney Spears
  31. Hips Don’t Lie | Shakira
  32. Say My Name | Destiny’s Child
  33. Crazy in Love | Beyonce
  34. Dirty Little Secret | The All-American Rejects
  35. 21 Guns | Green Day
  36. I Want It That Way | Backstreet Boys
  37. Bye Bye Bye | ‘N Sync
  38. Wannabe | Spice Girls
  39. Hollaback Girl | Gwen Stefani

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

What do you do, when you don’t know what to do?

This question seems to find me suddenly and inexplicably when in a single, solitary moment, I realize that maybe my path isn’t exactly what I had originally foreseen it as. This moment normally comes after two different events that I hadn’t realized could have altered my momentarily solid mindset.

  1. I am suddenly filled with positive feelings for one particular niche of mine.

This usually occurs after I listen to a professional talking about the field that they’re in/their career, and I am overcome with excitement because what they’re talking about is usually a career that I can see myself in. Once the excitement fades, though, realization hits. Holy shit, this diverges from the path I had just formally set up for myself. SOS. Help. What do I do now?

2. I am directly questioned on whether or not the path I’m on is the right one.

Suddenly, it’s all wrong. I’m wrong, the path is wrong, everyone else around me is wrong, when really I’m just projecting my anger because realizing that maybe where you’re heading isn’t where you’re meant to go is absolutely, intensely terrifying.

Either way, the point is, that I have found myself in that rut once again. Torn between years of constant back n’ forth between people who want the best for me, and what I want for myself, has led me to the point of unsureness; and it has caused me to reach a new enlightenment in my life.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Well, it’s actually quite cheesy and seemingly too simple: just live.

Sometimes as human beings we get so focused on the future and what everyone else is saying and telling us to do, and what we should do with our lives, that we forget what we really want for ourselves — and sometimes by this point, our minds are so dispersed between many different paths, that we suddenly feel lost; but what if you’re not actually lost, you’re just a wanderer?

One Pinterest quote that I have seen time and time again is, “All those who wander are not lost”; and while beforehand, I would gaze over this with a cynical chuckle, I now understand why it’s so meaningful.

Why do we always need a set plan? What’s wrong with letting life take you by the hand, and what’s wrong with just going with flow? Especially when you don’t know what to do.

Because why stress out even more about something you should take the time to enjoy?

Discovering your niche, what you’re good at, what you love, is so incredibly important to living a happy and personally successful future; and let’s be honest, besides being financially stable, isn’t being happy and feeling proud of your accomplishments the most important part of your personal life?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, people, your professionals, your parents, and even your friends, may disagree. They may push you towards a path of guaranteed stability, but let’s be honest once more, what is truly guaranteed in life? Life itself is not guaranteed, so why are we, as humans, so inclined to take it for granted?

So, what do you do when you don’t know what to do?

You live.


To: You, From: You

This past Sunday I went on a run.

Now, you’re either reacting two ways to that sentence:

  1. Lol, why did you do that to yourself?
  2. Wow, good for you, girl! How was it? How far did you go?

To answer your questions:

  1. Lol I honestly don’t know. I felt like death after.
  2. Lol don’t think too much of me, I went a mile, and only half of it consisted of running.

Before Sunday, I can’t remember the last time I worked out. Coming from someone who works out almost everyday in the summer, this is actually quite painful. As much as I would like to dedicate more time to my fitness, I follow up with the question: what time?

I am saying these things because I know that somewhere out there, someone else, probably many of you, are relating to my struggles. We have all fallen victim to the: I have officially taken on so much in my life that I don’t have time for myself.

If you are one of these people, then I implore you to continue reading (so that I understand that more people can sympathize with my tribulations).

It is clear that we are those people who are great schedulers, until it comes to ourselves.

I have one day a week that I feel little stress (not none, but little), and that day is Saturday; and even as of recent it feels as if my Saturdays are being consumed with little obligations that build into big obligations.

What happens when you become a person who, instead of living for the weekend, has become a person who cannot wait until your head lays down on your pillow, and you’re finally able to drift away into a deep slumber.

Sleep has become my award, instead of binging Netflix, or even reading a book for pleasure (not one that has already been devoted to school work). What even is a book that I read for pleasure? The last time I touched a book out of want instead of obligation was last summer. Nearly a year ago. A YEAR.

As many of you probably understand this pain (whether that means running at any time of day you want, or picking up an Xbox controller), you probably also understand the power of dreaming about the future.

Planning future vacations, thinking about the days when you aren’t overloaded with working, BEING BORED?! (What’s it like to be bored, because I’m pretty sure the last time I was bored I didn’t know what to do with myself and ended up staring at the ceiling). What else can we do to escape this monotony?

I have brainstormed a few things that, while we wait for the day that we can enjoy without any sense of anxiety, we can take the time to participate in now with the limited amount of time we have, and contribute to our mental and physical health.

  1. Buy little things for ourselves: Unless you’re working a full time job (which if you’re reading this and you are, bless your soul), you’re probably like me and are a student, and with being a student comes the awesome concept of being broke. By being broke, you, as well as I, both understand how precious money is. In fact, we can both probably admit that our money mainly goes towards food. In fact yeah. All my money goes towards food. WITH THAT BEING SAID…we should take the time to buy things for ourselves every once in awhile. Whether that being some chocolate, or a new pair of shoes, we all need a moment to “Treat YoSelf”.
  2. Journal: Although “writing in your diary” seems rather childish, it’s not. In fact, journaling has been proven to positively impact your mental and physical well-being. In essence: it’s a stress reliever. So whether that be writing down the details of your day, or doodling, journaling is actually quite lovely for the body and the soul.
  3. Going for a walk or run: Like I mentioned before, I don’t even have time for a run in my daily routine. Thankfully, though, to make up for it I have to walk to all my classes and meetings everyday. Everyday I walk at least 3-10 miles, depending on how busy I am. For some individuals though, they don’t have the luxury of being on a campus that requires you to participate in a little physical activity. For you, taking a moment to take a walk is probably really beneficial. When I’m at home, I particularly enjoy taking my dogs on a walk around my block. It only takes 15-20 minutes, and allows me to feel physically active without having to put in a ton of time. Plus, if it’s nice out, the sun will be good for that extra boost of that Vitamin D!
  4. Talking to a friend: There’s no better stress reliever than talking through our day-to-day struggles with a loved one. Whether that be a significant other or a family member, we all know that this tip speaks for itself (literally).
  5. Creating to-do lists: Just so that we can cross everything off of them later (:
  6. Planning a future vacation with friends &/or family: There’s nothing better than avoiding your responsibilities to plan a fun-filled vacation with your friends. This not only gives you something to look forward to, but reminds you that all of your hard work will pay off!
  7. Reminding yourself that you can’t do everything in one day: It’s okay to take a moment to eat. It’s okay to take a moment (for 5-10 hours) to sleep. You are only human, and there’s only so much you can do in one day; and if anyone expects otherwise, then you can politely tell them to kiss your ass. Don’t forget that you are important too, as hard as that may be at times!

If you have other little tips on things you do for yourself throughout your busy schedule, please feel free to comment or share with your fellow readers! & for those still getting through the end of this semester: we may be on the brink of a mental breakdown, but at least we’ve made it this far. Treat YoSelf.


SOS: The Future Is Terrifying

When I got to college my freshman year I had a plan. I was going to major in Strategic Communications, and get out with an entry level job with benefits, that allowed me to travel and meet successful individuals who I could brag about having cocktails with to my family and friends back home.

At first, this plan seemed like what I wanted. I loved (and still do) being at OU, and I loved (& still do enjoy) my program , but slowly, I started noticing that something wasn’t right. I couldn’t grasp exactly what path I was on, or where I was going, or especially if I was going to be happy with where I was going.

See, in the world of Public Relations, there are many different careers you can try out until you find the right one, the one you want to settle into. At this point in my time here at OU, I have experienced and/or heard lectures on almost every one of these options. Which is truly spectacular; but I have begun to realize that my interests are many.

I’m very good at social media, in fact, I run a low-key Instagram account for my dog and her fans (check her out @ellie_thecorgiofinsty, you won’t regret it, she’s kind of amazing/a big deal).

I’ve been told that I’m a great party planner (for many of my friends, I have become their trusted DJ). In general, I love to schedule things, and I’m good at it. Organization is something I consistently have to stay on top of, and slowly but steadily it has become a skill set of mine.

I’m a wonderful writer, something I have known since I was young. In fact, halfway through my freshman year, I picked up a double major in Creative Writing, a career I had been set on for many years throughout junior high and high school, and I love it.

Let’s rewind a moment and go back to my last paragraph.

My freshman year I picked up a double major. You might be thinking, so do you hate yourself orrr….? Yes. Yes I guess you could say that, because this is probably one of the most difficult goals I have chosen to chase after. Hours upon hours of writing papers, reading, and studying at the library is not exactly what I wanted for myself, but I wouldn’t trade going back for anything, not after all the doors I have opened up. Although, I guess you could say that all those doors are why I’m here.

Where? Well, I’m stuck, you see. I’m frozen in fear over what my life may become in the next few years; and I know I’m not alone.

They say that the sophomore slump is real, and although I completely back that theory up (as a few of my friends have caught this ailment), for me it means something much different.

I feel caught under the mass amounts of pressure that I feel from every direction possible. All of these options that I have for my life seem wonderful for different reasons, but trying to pinpoint what you actually want with your life is a challenge.

Although this may sound slightly pretentious (hear me out) at times, it is difficult to be going to one of they most prestigious journalism schools in the country. You meet so many talented, brilliant, hard-working individuals, all of who know exactly what they want to do with their life. And then there’s us. The ones that look at the future and cringe in fear because holy shit I have make choice A, B, and C to get to this specific place that I need to be at three years from now, while person A, B, and C have already made those choices.

But how?

How are we supposed to make all these decisions on top of a rigorous class schedule along with the three to five to ten involvements that we need to be in to build our resumes along with the jobs we have to work in order to pay for a tuition (that is, in my opinion, completely & ridiculously high), all in the end to question whether or not we’ll get into grad school  or that desired job field?

I know it may seem like I’m over-thinking things, but this is the reality.

Every decision we make, every grade we receive, seems to effect where in our lives we are three, two, one year(s) from now, and this fear can be overwhelming at times.

But you know what helps? Knowing that you aren’t alone.

As I get older, I have come to realize that many of my friends are in the same boat as I am. We slowly grow out of that dream-like-state that we carried with us from high school that college is all fun and games and finding out exactly the path you need to be on (not saying that OU hasn’t done a fabulous job helping me with that, because they have), but in all actuality, life is much more complex.

You have finances and relationships to build, and five meetings a week you have to worry about being on time for, and graduating on time with another major or a minor, or a certificate while also building a resume that will attract employers and get them to hire you.

Life is much more than partying every weekend with your friends or putting pressure on yourself to find “The One,” or skating by and doing nothing with your major and expecting the world to hand it all to you.

All those relationships, all that balance between school and having fun, is a full-time commitment. From the moment I wake up, to the moment I sleep, I am fully committed to the obligations I need to fulfill, whether that be spending that quality time with your significant other, to memorizing vocabulary words for your foreign language exam, to networking among professionals within my field.

Eventually, everyone grows to realize that life is this full-time commitment; and eventually you begin to realize that you are not alone in this commitment.

Sometimes we simply forget that while it’s important to think about and prepare for our future, it’s also important to focus on the now. Yes, the future is absolutely horrifying, and yes, going to sleep will not dissolve you of the fact that tomorrow is another day closer to that future, but the fact is that all of us are in the same boat. Whether we want to face it or not, it’s coming, so we may as well make the best of what we have now, and focus on tomorrow.

Don’t forget that energy you finally got back from your 4 hour night of sleep is precious. Focus it where it is necessary, and for the rest of the time, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that watching that episode of The Office, is totally okay.


8 Inspirational Women You Should Know

Two days ago, on International Women’s Day, we celebrated the achievements of women and how far we have come in this testosterone dominated society. Not only can we birth a human child, but we have shown that we have a right to become leaders of countries, and have equal pay (I mean c’mon it’s 2016).

We are doctors, lawyers, students, musicians, and teachers. We are anything we want to be — and below I present to you 8 women who have proven just that.

From taking a stand for those who cannot speak for themselves, or for showing the strength and power of women, these 8 women are extremely important to female empowerment, growth, and equality. These are women that we want our daughters to look up to, and realize that they can achieve their goals in life, and become a Supreme Court Justice, a UN Ambassador, or to just unapologetically be who they are.

Emma Watson

Actress, Model, Activist. 
We all know Watson for portraying one the most defining film/novel characters of our time, Hermione Granger (who is definitely one of my fictional role models — smart, confident, & helps defeat the most powerful dark wizard that our world has ever faced.) She’s basically a registered badass, like, girl, teach me. But what many people don’t know are her achievements as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.
UNwomen_EmmaWatson_GoodwillAmbassador_2 jpgWatson helped launch the HeForShe campaign, which encourages men to advocate for gender equality. Watson denounces the idea that feminism is all about women domination, but simply for men and women to be equals.

In 2015, Watson also gave a speech about gender equality at the World Economic Forum, which, if you don’t know what that is (as I hadn’t either before doing this research), it’s a pretty big deal, considering it brings together nearly 2,500 of the world’s top leaders in business, international politics, intellectuals, and journalists to discuss the big issues facing our world today. So yeah [and I get nervous giving a presentation in my German class…].

Honestly, casting couldn’t have picked a better individual for the role of Hermione. A real hero in fiction and in real life.

Sandra Day O’Conner, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan 

Associate Justice Elena Kagan Investiture Ceremony
Justices Sonia Sotomayor (left) and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (center) with Justice Elena Kagan in the Justices’ Conference Room prior to Justice Kagan’s Investiture Ceremony

In 1981, Reagan shocked the U.S. by putting a woman on the U.S. Supreme Court: Sandra Day O’Conner. Since O’Conner’s time, three more women have joined her legacy, and they are all there today: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan.

These four women have shown not just the world, but more specifically the United States and it’s societal mold, what women are capable of.

Ginsburg is a huge advocate for women’s rights, openly stating that “[t]he basic thing is that the government has no business making that choice for a woman” in regards to women’s health, and then officiated the wedding for Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser and his husband John Roberts. Her officiation was the first instance of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice performing a same-sex marriage. You go girl!

Sotomayor is the first justice appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court with Hispanic heritage. This is a huge deal, considering Hispanic women in the U.S. tend to receive the least benefits and equality compared to other women in the US, who are already oppressed. Sotomayor is known for her attention to detail, and getting the facts straight. She doesn’t put up with unprepared lawyers, and demands the full respect and dignity from all who enter her courtroom. She definitely redefines the ideology that society has held for years about women in her position. Oh, and she was also the first Hispanic woman to administer an oath to a President/Vice President when she administered Vice President Joe Biden’s oath for his second term. You keep doing you, your honor.

Kagan was the Dean of Harvard Law School. I mean, if that doesn’t make you go, “Oh Snap”, then it should. Harvard is ranked second among the best law schools, right behind Yale. You basically have to be a super human to attend, which Kagan did attend [her other former alma mater include Princeton & Worcester College, Oxford…I would take a good guess and say that Kagan is one of the brightest minds out there]. Kagan is also the first woman to hold the position of Solicitor General, nominated by President Barack Obama. I would say that’s pretty legit.

Kayla Itsines

Now, I’m sure many of you are saying right now, who is Kayla Itsines? Well, she is actually a personal inspiration of mine — and soon she will be one of yours as well.

KayalItsinesKayla has built her own workout empire from the ground up. Only in her early 20s, and she has truly become not only an internet sensation, but an inspiration amongst millions of women across the globe.

As a personal trainer, and a woman, Kayla knows what women want to see change in their bodies — and in the most healthy way possible. Kayla’s routines work.

And the best part? Her “Bikini Body” routines are only 28 minutes a day. While they are high intensity, her routines are designed around the everyday woman — not the woman who has hours of time to spend at the gym.

Kayla also has a nutrition guide, a 90-page clean eating plan.

Check out her website to see what else she’s all about, and follow her on Instagram too!


Laverne Cox 

Many of us know her as Sophia Burset on the hit Netflix drama, Orange is the New Black; but Cox is much, much more than her acting career (which is fabulous, by the way). Just go 1401385470_laverne-cox-time-zoomto her Wikipedia page and you will see the list of awards upon awards that she has won, from the Anti-Violence Project 2013 Courage Award honoree, to being one of TIME’s 2015 – 100 most influential people (Cox also became the first openly transgender person to be on the cover of TIME in 2014, like okay girl, WERK).
In 2014, Cox was given the GLAAD Stephen F. Kolzak Award for her work within the entertainment industry to end homophobia and to bring transgender awareness. Cox is also the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. So you could say she’s pretty badass.

I have no doubt that we will be seeing more of Cox’s incredible talents and advocacy in the future, and for that she is definitely a                                                                                                 woman to be on everyone’s radar.

Hillary Clinton 


Oh Hillary, you young soul, you. No matter what your opinion of her is in the presidential election, one thing is for certain — Hillary Rodham Clinton is a strong force in women empowerment.

Earning her Juris Doctor from Yale Law School, she was the first female partner at Rose Law Firm (the third oldest law firm in the U.S.).

As First Lady when her husband, Bill Clinton, was in office, she advocated for many children’s rights programs such as the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, the Adoption and Safe Families Act, and the Foster Care Independence Act.

Clinton went on to become the first First Lady to run for elected public office, in which she became the first female New York senator. She was later re-elected into this position. Clinton continued on to run in the 2008 Presidential election, and although she lost to now President Barack Obama, I daresay that her independence and leadership during this time is truly admirable.

Clinton continued on to become Secretary of State under the Obama Administration. She left the office at the end of Obama’s first term; only a few years later returning to run again, and now closer than ever, to become the United State’s first woman president.

Once again, no matter what your opinions are of Hillary as a potential president (as one should vote based on who he/she truly believes would be a good president, a decision that should not be focused on gender or race, but on who has the best policies and leadership abilities to run a country), she is also, as all the other women above are, an inspiration for all of us.

Keep staying hip, Hillary.

I hope this post inspired you.

I hope that each day you wake up with the independence and bravery to reach your goals, and to not limit yourself.

If Hillary Clinton can rise up to this stature in such a man’s world, then you can be the valedictorian of your class, or have the most innovative business concept, or even play ball with the guys, or all three!!!

No, we don’t have to prove ourselves, but we will show you what’s girls are made of: steel, and a true stubbornness to succeed.

If you find any mistakes at all with the article, please message me directly, thank you!

Sick Day? No Way

In high school, I thought the worst possible thing was missing school because I was sick. Even if I knew I would be leaving school early, I still went to school, only to leave three periods later. This actually happened a lot; because the fear of detention wasn’t exactly high considering I had 15 unexcused absences to blow.

None the less, I would then become anxious over all of the work that I would have to make up, and how I would explain to my teacher how sorry I was and that I would return my makeup work to them as soon as possible.

*makeup works whispers faintly in the distance as I remember the two projects and paper I have due this week as I lie in bed wishing for these hot flashes to disperse*

Boy, were those the good ole days.

College has taught me a lot. That 3-unexcused-absences that I have for each class has really taught me a lot.

Like, when you’re about to throw up at 2 AM but yet it’s “not bad enough to miss your 9 AM German lecture because you may or may not be having a quiz, and you need all the points you can get so that you don’t fail the class, and then inevitably fail college because your life has already fallen apart for the tenth time today.

Or when you have a paper due at midnight, but you received zero sleep the night before because you were coughing the entire time, but you still force yourself to stay up to type and edit it, because this paper is one of only three grades you will receive for the entire semester.

I think I’ve gotten sick more often not from all of the germs that college students concentrate, but from sleep deprivation and stress (although I’m sure the fact that at least one person you know at any given time is sick doesn’t really help the cause, but hey, you can’t help that.)

Basically, this is how being sick in college goes:

You start to see your friends going down one by one


One friends gets a cold, another the flu, and another even gets bronchitis


Suddenly, one afternoon you start to get an itchy throat, or a runny nose. You try and blame it on allergies (despite it being the middle of winter), but deep down you know what’s happening.


*that same day*

intuitive friend: are you okay? are you getting sick?



But what you’re really thinking is:


So you go to bed a little bit earlier than normal that night (aka at like midnight), thinking that everything is going to be totally fine.

And then at the peak hours of the AM, you wake up feeling like you’re trapped in the depths of hell


& just like that, things have taken a turn


The next day is probably shit


Honestly, the next few days are probably going to feel like your impending doom


But eventually you’ll start to feel better, and when that day comes, it will be like a new awakening


I no longer take my sick days for granted. In fact, I cherish them. I wait for the day taking a few steps causes my body to collapse, or for my stomach to fail me, and then I put them to good use.


Galentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day. That one day of the year where we flatter our lover in gifts that represent how much we love them in a dollar amount. From cheaply made, giant Teddy Bears that convenience stores sell for outrageous prices (when they were probably made overseas for 10% of that price), to boxes of chocolates that advertise the joy of having a hundred chocolate covered marshmallows, when in reality you’re actually purchasing a heart shaped, plastic-cardboard box with an aWeSoMe surprise: 5 chocolates!!!! Wow! What a deal!

As much as I adore my man, I believe that celebrating one another’s love throughout the year is much more meaningful than dumping love on each other for one day of the year (unless those other 364 days you really do loathe each other, then this really is your holiday [also in that case, you may want to reevaluate your situation; I mean come on, everyday is love yourself day]).

So let’s be honest.

If Valentines Day is a national holiday, then where’s Galentine’s Day?

Yes, you heard me, Galentine’s Day.

If you haven’t heard of Galentine’s Day:


It’s essentially Valentine’s Day, but instead of celebrating your lover, you celebrate the friends that have stood by your side when you got your heart broken by all those other lame, silly faces who lost out (and we know they lost out because you’re our friend and you’re magical and great).

Your gals. Your ladies. Your sistas. (Men, to note, you are not excluded from Galentine’s Day activities. Despite the fact that it is called in flawless fashion, Gal-entine’s, your masculinity isn’t that fragile that you can’t spend it with your buds, your dudes, your bros; you just have to let your girl go out for a night of great food and casual drinks with her ladies).

Any who. I petition for Galentine’s Day to be a national holiday. Friendships should be celebrated in just as much flare as Valentine’s Day, with all of the chocolate, booze, and wild antics, if not more (probably more. definitely more.).

So let your freak flag fly (but not too much, because you still need to be able to stomach the romantic dinner your man is setting up for you the next evening, and then you can really let the freak flag fly [unless you’re single, then girl, please, let all the freak fly. you deserve this].

xoxo, next round is on me,




Aerie is killing it.

By rebranding and evolving into a company that accepts and loves the body for what it is, one cannot help but think of all the praise they have been receiving since they launched their new campaign. In fact, their lingerie sales shot up 9% after the release of the campaign in 2014.

Most recently, they hired size-12 model Barbie Ferreira, and it has brewed quite the storm. Ferreira has received criticism across the internet from trolls who feel as if they have the authority to define beauty. The brunette bombshell pays little attention to the negativity, though, as she is a big advocate of gender fluidity and body positivity.

With that being said, Aerie is definitely taking a step forward into a new generation of body-image awareness, and the effects that advertising has on younger generations. Some compare and contrast their ads to those of Victoria’s Secret, who is widely known for retouching, photoshopping, and using a specific type of model for their line: the Angels.

The word on the street is that #bodypositivity is in; but if that is so, how come the Angels are still a household name? Granted, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show did have a drop in viewership this time around, and their stocks do fluctuate from time to time, but Aerie’s campaign didn’t drastically hurt their sales. In fact, L Brands stocks experienced a steady increase (with occasional fluctuations) starting from January 2014 to December 2014, they dropped for a moment, and then hit a spike in February 2015 (a quick reminder that Aerie released their campaign in 2014).

So I decided to form a hypothesis.

What if, although people can relate to and respect Aerie’s campaign more than Victoria’s Secret, what if women still buy Victoria’s Secret’s clothing because of the Angels? Is it possible that Victoria’s Secret’s campaigns are effecting the way women feel when wearing their product?

So, like any strategic communications major, I took to Twitter to try out this hypothesis.

For my first Twitter poll inquest, I asked the Twitter fam: Whose ads can you better relate to? Victoria’s Secret or Aerie.

The results were as followed:

33 people voted.

23 people said that they could relate to Aerie’s better, while 10 people said that they could relate to Victoria’s Secret better.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.44.25 PM

For the second part of the poll, I changed things up a little bit. This time, I asked the question: Whose product do/would you feel better about yourself when wearing?

The results were quite interesting.

26 people voted in this poll.

19 people said that would feel better in Victoria’s Secret. 7 said that they would feel better in Aerie.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.45.00 PM.png

Not accounting for possible errors such as people voting falsely, different people voting on each poll, and different amounts of people voting on each poll, the numbers have basically flip-flopped.

Truly, the tables have turned.

For me, this is something very interesting to think about.

Although we are a society that is trying to move forward when it comes to sending positive messages to young women about their bodies, is there still a successful tactic in using ads like Victoria’s Secret?

I would say so.

Going Out as Told by The Office

The Office (the US adaptation, just in case a clarification was necessary), is truly an icon within the sphere of American entertainment. Through the course of nine seasons, Michael Scott has made us laugh until we cry, Jim and Pam have taken us on an emotional rollercoaster, and Dwight Schrute has become an icon of his own, with his signature Schrute cut, glasses, lifestyle, and wild love affair with Angela.

For any lover of The Office, I’m sure we can all mutually agree that when Michael decided to leave Scranton to stay by Holly’s side, that was the end of the many years of fulfillment. Technically, though, we received two more seasons (to extend out the fact that we had already accepted the end, if we’re being honest); and although The Office has found it’s end, we are still left behind with it’s legacy. And not only a legacy, but the opportunity to watch and re-watch each and every season until we have episode by episode inked into our minds through some of the best quotes in TV history. These quotes follow us in everyday life, especially well known ones such as TWSS (That’s What She Said) and “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica”.

I am here to bring to you a montage of The Office memes in order to describe those nights that end up giving us some of the best quotes that leave us laughing years from now: what it is like going out. Because there is nothing more entertaining than sending your friends Office memes to describe your night instead of taking the time to explain why you puked in the bathroom of CI or why you spilled cheese fries all down your jacket.

When your friends drag you away from Netflix for a “Night of Fun”:



And then when it takes you an hour to get a drink because the bar is so crowded:



When you see someone else going for the booth you want: 



When the DJ plays your favorite song:


When you start to break it down on the dance floor knowing your crush is watching:


When you get a number and a text immediately after:


When your friend is freaking out about their ex being at the same bar:



And then when you see your ex at the bar:



When your friend starts talking to that person you know is bad news:



When your friends try and pull you into their drama and you’re just like:



Signaling to your friend that it’s time to go home because it’s almost 3 AM:



When you stop to get food for your friends because they’re now too broke for Big Mamas:



Rolling back home like:



Listening to your friends the next morning retelling what happened last night:



And when you realize that you actually did do that:



And then when you finally go back through the messages on your phone:



And finally, when you check your bank account the next morning:



Lol does this even need an explanation:



I could honestly go on and on but